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Course Author and Developer

Molly O’Hara, deaf from birth, excels in the fields of linguistics, curriculum development, interpreter training, and second-language learning.  She builds online courses and has developed collegiate coursework for bicultural education and ASL instruction.  “The Orthography of American Sign Language” is projected to be released in 2023.  Molly has published a bilingual handbook, “American Sign Language: A Grammar Reference Guide,” which is entering its second edition.  Among other popular video courses, “ASL Fingerwording: The Art & Structure of Fingerspelling Words” is her most recent media publication.  Molly co-authored a white paper, “English-to-ASL Translation Standards” for high-stakes K-12 standardized testing and created the bilingual Grammar Tiles series.  Molly’s deaf heritage spans five generations.  She is BEI Advanced certified and currently resides in the Kansas City area.