ASL Linguistics & Interpreting CEUs

Looking for a place to study ASL in depth? You’ve come to the right website. We study the mechanics of ASL, such as mathematics, grammar, root words and fingerwording. The lessons are concise, bilingual, and user-friendly. You get an RID CEU Certificate immediately upon completion through your student dashboard. Join the ASLlearn community today!


The Passive Voice in ASL – .05 RID CEUs

What happens when the object, not the subject, of a sentence is the focus? In ASL, what would the syntactical difference be between “the cat was chased by the dog” and “the dog chased the cat,” for example? This course demonstrates that difference.

ASL Adverbs – .4 CEUs

There are three types of adverbs in ASL: separate adverbs, assimilated adverbs, and stacked adverbs. Separate adverbs have their own sign word while the other adverbs do not. Learn how to use each type of adverb properly in ASL sentences.

asl math

Interpreting Mathematics – .5 CEUs

Explore basic math concepts expressed in ASL from expressing numbers accurately through algebraic expressions for .5 RID CEUs.
Molly, your Deaf instructor gives examples, exercises, and quizzes.

ASL Fingerwording (ASL Video Course) – .3 CEUs

This course explores what it means to fingerspell words from the perspective of the hand’s motor movements. We learn that the rhythm of fingerspelling has everything to do with four basic movements and nothing to do with what the letters sound like.

science asl

Earth & Space Science – .2 CEUs

Earth and space science terms in ASL have a pattern of root word structures that makes sense. Build your repertoire of ASL science vocabulary in a memorable way.

Verb Phrasing in ASL – .1 CEUs

What makes a verb phrase in ASL? It’s not about “setting it up.” It’s about the verb’s sign movement. Watch how eye gaze creates phrase boundaries in a sentence. See how the objects of a verb phrase spatially revolve around the ASL verb.

Simple Tenses in ASL – .2 CEUs

See the past tense that’s embedded in an ASL verb. Learn the three future tenses. Recognize the irregular verb. Learn all of these basic tenses in one course!




We have so many course options and are adding more all the time!